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Reasons to Read the Bible

Is there any real and compelling reason and benefit to read a book that has not changed in 2,000 years?  And even if the answer is yes, can we expect to do so without great training?”

There are recurring reasons/excuses for not reading the Bible that are, in reality and practice, not valid nor provide significant hurdles:

  • “I don't know where to start . . .”
    OK, then initially start at the beginning of the New Testament (a fairly short book) and plan, over time, to read through it.  It is not a bad idea if, after reading it once, you are interested in reading it again, to read through the New Testament a 2nd (and maybe even a 3rd) time before “tackling” the Old Testament.  What doesn't work is to pick up the Bible each day and decide what to read (it should be obvious why this “plan” won’t work very long).
  • “When, I read it I don't understand a lot (certainly not as much as those who are experts in it like my preacher . . .”). 
    This is a common misunderstanding about how to read the Bible.  Over the centuries, those who most benefited from the Bible are those who read it, within the time provided them for this by God, and “pick-up” what they hear without thinking they must turn over every letter, syllable, word and paragraph to find supposed hidden and “deep” meanings – WHAT GOD WANTS US TO HEAR IS ON THE SURFACE.  Yes, we will see new thoughts and truths every time we read it, but this is simply a testimony to its uniqueness as the Word of God, not evidence we shouldn’t try to read it!  If we can read, we can read the Bible.
  • “I am real busy . . .” 
    Start with 10 – 15 minutes a day, bookmark your place and “move the bookmark” the couple of hundred pages to the end.  It is a discipline (a good habit).  And it is likely you will find, in the near future, that you will not be “cheating” by not reading, but in increasing the time/pages you read.

As with any new and planned discipline, the key is to begin without having great or grand plans or expectations. If, within a short time, the Bible is simply not “speaking to you” it is natural that a person would not continue.  But if there is a desire to really hear the Voice of God (and a person prays for God’s help to both read and understand the Bible), they will not be disappointed because no one in history has ever been let down by God in this!  Start a simple plan and a discipline will result.

So, is there any real reason to read the Bible?  Yes there is because . . .

Reason 1: It Works!

Reason 2: It is for OUR Good!

Reason 3: The Bible is the Surest and Purest Voice of God

Reason 4: As the Surest and Purest Voice of God, the Bible is the Easiest and Most Dependable Way to Hear His Voice

Reason 5: The Bible is Where We Find the Answer to, from God's Point of View, the Personal Purpose and Meaning of Life

Reason 6: The Bible is the Only Active, Living and Personal Book

Reason 7: The Bible Details the Promises of God and the Conditions for Receiving, Protecting and Growing in and by Them

Reason 8: Eternal Life Depends on It!

Reason 9: Sanctification, Our Growth in Grace and Truth Depend on It

Reason 10: Reading the Bible Provides a (the Only!) Practical Way for Us to Have a Real and Active Faith

Reason 11: The Best Investment Possible