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Ten Great Covenants of Jesus

It surprises most first time readers of the Bible that Jesus makes many very bold and tangible promises. Most “experts” (the majority of whom have not read the Bible, but listened to what others have said about it) believe the Bible is theoretical, ethereal, largely negative and passive (mostly outlining what we should not do). Yet as Jesus’ Covenants demonstrate, the Bible is just the opposite – the Bible is bold, direct and positive.

Maybe the most destructive modern-day “Christian” misunderstanding and concept is that the grace, promises and blessings of Jesus are unconditional – “we believe and then Jesus unconditionally gives us salvation and all the good that comes with it!” Even a cursory and casual reading of the New Testament makes mockery of this ridiculous notion.

Grace and “required certain behaviors” are not incompatible, they are complimentary! Grace is the beginning of a process, not the end. We have a need, God gives us grace for which He expects us to use it for our good, not to our harm.

Jesus’ Great Covenants are His good news for mankind – promising freedom, release, sight . . . God’s favor in an otherwise hostile and difficult world.