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Pursuing and Achieving Life’s Greatest Possible Goal

The Bible is certainly not a collection of random thoughts, rather it is the harmonious Word of God providing His personal Word to each reader to aid them in accomplishing, from God’s standpoint, the great purpose of earthly life – the salvation of our souls for eternity. It reminds us on a daily basis of our life’s purpose and God’s promise that:

  • we are saved to do good works He precisely and specifically prepared in advance individually for every Christian,
  • everything He tells us, in the Bible, is both necessary and for our good,
  • He will give us everything we need, when we need it, to do these good works (and, indeed, for all of life), and
  • He will speak to us as we draw near to and value Him and His Word – as we place and keep Him first in our lives. The Word of God is relevant and necessary to our great purpose and target in life – if we ignore this great Grace how can (or should) we reasonably expect success in achieving this goal?