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Standing on Mountains

Rediscovering & Reclaiming Neglected Guiding Bible Truths

  If we (personally or corporately – as is common today) “cancel” God’s Word we effectively correspondingly cancel God in our lives.  For only in and through His Word do we find what God has to say to us, it being the means through which He trains us to hear His Voice and to distinguish between His Voice and the many other, often much louder, competing voices we hear all around us. God’s Word is His only written Word given us. So, if God’s Word falls on deaf ears and unresponsive hearts, we have effectually cancelled Him in our lives!
  There are key Mountain verses and passages EVERY authentic Christian should readily know . . . they are essential to understanding the rest of God’s Word.  Highlighting and contemplating these key verses will provide a much greater understanding of the Bible’s important foundational themes. These Mountain verses provide us improved perspective (from God’s point of view) to keep us from being distracted and potentially, in the process, missing His Way. 
Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law. Ps 119:18
For there are certainly many many wonderful promises and blessings in God’s Word, just waiting for us to seek and find them.
  Knowing God’s Word, anchored by His Mountain truths, is the way to make our spiritual eyes better and better, to place the relative molehills of life in proper perspective in relation to far more important temporal and eternal realities and truths affecting all aspects of life: physical, emotional, spiritual . . ..  God’s Word, ingested on a regular basis, accomplishes this task and is the key Grace provided to keep our spiritual “eyes” healthy and focused. 
Great things are done when men and mountains meet.  William Blake