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Two Ways Not to Be Disappointed with God

1. Have few and little expectations that God will (if He even can) do much if anything significant and meaningful in my life today, NOW.  “It is largely up to me to make it in life and hope He will be there for me in death.”

2. Have very high, and increasing, expectations He will do more than we could expect or even imagine Today – Now and, as a result, develop an improving discipline (by and through Grace) of seeking His promised grace and truth (Jesus Christ) through the various specific means of Grace God offers us.

  Oh, we can expect to frustrated, in any case, in life – this is inevitable because this life is, at best, difficult.  The issue is with whom will we be frustrated?

  • With God because He isn’t doing much in my life?
  • With myself because I know there is more Grace for the taking if only I were “there?”

  It should be obvious which will be the more productive and positive frustration – and, in the end, there is the paradox and “tension” of the 2nd named frustration because even while in this frustration we expect and are in the hope of making headway and progress.

  Oh, what the heck, a couple of pictures will best demonstrate the difference in the two outlooks and approaches to life!

I Can Do This!

Can you believe
all these presents?

The reality of true Grace: