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Free Sunday School Materials

Beulah State University is dedicated to providing Bible-based and Bible-focused Sunday School materials that are timely, challenging, of high quality and FREE.

These Lessons NEVER pretend to enhance or replace the Bible – our goal is to refocus Christians on their daily need of reading the Bible – an increasingly neglected blessing! Daily Bible reading is not an option for Christians, it is foundational to communicating with God – in both talking to Him and hearing from Him!

“All Sunday-School instruction should be clearly and closely Bible-based!”
“The Bible is timeless –
we need to be careful to keep it timely!”

The above is obvious, yet sadly frequently not the case.

To aid Sunday School teachers, who typically have other responsibilities that do not permit them adequate time to develop first-class lessons, Beulah State University has developed a number of 12–16 week curriculums available totally free (unless you and your class prefer professionally printed books, in which case the materials are low cost – less than $5.00 per person).

As just one example, over a 3 to 4 month period using our book Ten Great Themes of the Bible, a key Bible theme can be considered with 1 key BIG point highlighted each week. In this way, the Bible becomes far more understandable so that your students will begin more and more, during the week, to refer to it to answer their everyday issues and challenges. For isn’t this the ultimate goal of a good Sunday School program?

Yes, the Bible IS timeless – but we must be careful to make and keep it timely. And we can judge our progress, in this regard, as we see “students” learning to apply God’s Word to more and more of their life.

Thirteen books are listed in the left column. Use the “Contact Us” (providing your name and address) and we will forward you a free copy of any listed book). Likewise, you can “Look Inside” on Amazon by following the links to these books. 99¢ Kindle versions are likewise available on Amazon for each book as are low-cost paperback copies if this is your choice. “Contact Us” for any bulk purchases (providing the title and expected number needed) – we will provide a quote (at our cost + freight) for you.

In addition to book curriculums, you will find “stand-alone” multi-week materials in the links to the lower left. And Letters from Beulah State University allows you to pick and choose topics that may be of particular relevance to your class – they are short, engaging topical studies ensured to provide lively discussion!

It typically takes 12–16 weeks to achieve significant understanding and grasp of any topic, especially to the point of integrating the truths learned into everyday life. And which of the following topics do not merit this amount of time –Ten Great Themes of the Bible, Ten Great Covenants, of Jesus, Ten Great Disciplines of Christian Disciples, Learning to Recognize and Follow the Footprint of Grace . . .?

Each book chapter offers an excellent one-week class building on the preceding weeks’ discussions. As just one example, the following is the table of contents for Ten Great Themes of the Bible:

Ten Great Themes of the Bible – Table of Contents


This lesson establishes the importance of understanding key themes as a foundation to grasping the “big picture” of The Bible and Christianity – many serious errors are the result of not having a good and proper theme understanding! The premise of this class is that knowing its themes is absolutely essential to understanding the Bible.

If You Believe This …!

God’s sovereignty is the underpinning for all other Bible claims. And rightly so, because a person’s view of the sovereignty of God largely determines and limits their faith in Him. In other words, our faith cannot be greater than our belief in what the One we trust in can do.


It is possible to understand and believe in God’s sovereignty, but unless we appreciate the reality of our utter weakness and helplessness we won’t and can’t appreciate the great themes and teachings of the Bible. Just as God’s sovereignty is the foundation on which everything else rests, our weakness is the second foundation of Bible truths and teachings.

I Couldn’t Do It Without You!

It is certainly good news that God is able and that He is sovereign. But it is even greater good news when we find He is willing! Here, in a nutshell, is the hope of God – His grace.

I Know How Jude Felt

If we are to achieve and maintain any sort of spiritual improvement and growth, we must be continually alert and careful of the dangers that surround and threaten to attack, sidetrack and seek to destroy us.

Promises, Promises, Promises

We won’t have both Jesus’ promises and those of the world – we must choose between the two and take one or the other! It is Jesus or the world, not Jesus and the world!

The Greatest!

Love is the Christian quality that “ties” all the other Bible themes and truths together.

Now versus Forever

The Christian hope is consistent in proclaiming the purpose of now is to serve and improve the sure coming forever. Our investment in forever is made or forfeited here and now!


Knowing we are under attack, and then establishing appropriate defenses and effective offensive weapons, is the key to a successful war strategy. Unfortunately, in spite of suffering the consequences of the world’s and the devil’s continual attacks, most people remain unaware of these enemies or attribute them to wrong causes.

Two People

There are clearly two (and only two) distinct type people in the Bible: those called righteous and those who are wicked. Knowing this, and that the Bible is primarily addressed to the righteous, highlights the Bible’s focus and audience, demonstrating that most of the Bible is addressed to and only has significant meaning to those “in the faith:”

One Plan – One Way

Christianity is not the only religion that believes their God created everything, that they are pitiful in themselves, have faith in their God for eternal paradise, have many promises associated with it or teach that life is war and that there are only two people (those who are righteous and those not). But Christianity is the only religion that believes Jesus is the way and the only way, truth and life to God the Father! Moreover, grace (as portrayed in the Bible) is unique to Christianity.


Maybe the most important lesson of the series – to “walk through” and tie these great themes together with a summary listing of the entire series available.

Yes, good Sunday School materials can be inexpensive and, at the same time, timely and Bible-based!