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Can You Believe It?: You Bet Your Life!

The Apostle Paul bet his life on faith in Jesus and so must we place our bets – yea or nay. Our beliefs about God (and which God) are by far life’s largest wager, and we are forced to place this bet. Not to consciously consider this, or get it wrong, will likely be very significant to the good or bad: now, until we die and potentially eternally.

Forever is a REALLY Long Time.
  It may be reasonable for young people to not consider eternity just as it might be rational if death was a rare reality. But how else, other than foolishness, can we explain how and why people, when the odds are 100% they will face death relatively quickly, ignore eternity and in the interim often mock those seeking answers about their eternal well-being?

  Many may think they will wait until they are old and have time then, sitting in a nursing home (sorry, the new, better sounding if not in fact an improvement – assisted living facility), in a wheel chair, with half their mind, working all this out. It is not rocket science, but to wait until we are in the throes of dementia – or die sooner than expected? Not wise.
  Facing an eternal forever and giving no thought to, having no meaningful hope about, the future and making fun of those who claim to be finding it. While, at the same, living as if they are going to live forever. Crazy.