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Legacy of the Pandemic? Reflections on Maybe the Most Important Quote of all Times

A Beautiful Vignette

Don't Expect a Perfect Repentance

The Remarkable Story, Example and Lessons of Barney’s Last Days

The Greatest Promise (and Therefore the Most Encouraging Verses) in the Bible?

Can You Imagine a World in Which People are More Thankful

News: The Good, Bad & Ugly

An Experiment of Self-Blessing: Replacing Bad News with the Good

Our Times - Unprecedented or Same Old Same Old?

We Can Slogan, Pander & Pretend All We Want

What Have We Won?

Good, Better & Best Signs of Eternal Salvation

A Few Hundred Pages

An Increasingly Devitalized (False & Gutted) “Gospel”

Can You Relate? “Heaven Can Wait?” or “I Can’t Wait?”

God?  No God?  Who is Right?

The Seriously Misleading “As we age . . .” Myth

Excuses Excuses

A Quick, Easy, Important and Very Revealing Test

Assume? Faith?

A Noteworthy Short Story with Multiple Great Lessons

What are the Chances

Stealth-Grace - Practical Reflections on Grace

The Rewards and Upside of Serving Christ

The Necessary Sacrifices and Downside of Serving God

Reflections on Reacting to New Normals

Lessons of the Great River

Extricating Ourselves from the Crossfire

Synthetic Happiness

Fake News is Nothing New

Reflections on Our Life’s Artistry

Choose This Day: The Real Lesson of Sodom & Gomorrah

A Great 2 1/2 Minute "Sermon"

Reflections on the Possibility and Necessity of Stacking Grace

Can We Know How & Where We Stand with God? Is There a Reliable Test?

Choose This Day: The After of Salvation

Thank You, Mr. Preacher Man, for that Really Bad Sermon!

Proven Biblical Money Principles - Really?