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Overcoming the Obstacles to Successful Retirement

When Time becomes a burden, as it so often does to the retired, then Life becomes a chore and a burden and we effectively stop Living at the peak possibility - and that, at a Time, we can and should really start Living to the fullest. Never Retiring is like racing with those much younger (and like racing against ourselves when we were younger) - all things being equal we will surely lose.  But everything is not equal!  40 – 50 additional hours per week is like starting on the 80-yard or 90-yard line in a 100-yard dash - if we don't think about it, or worse yet mope and dilly-dally around the 80-yard line, we will be Worse versus Better.  But with our great Time advantage in Never Retiring (if we take and use this great gift) it is inconceivable we cannot be Better in every area of Life. We are our own worst enemies if we do not give thought to "Why not Better?" often and in multiple ways!