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Ten Great Disciplines of Christian Disciples

Jesus could have used many different terms to identify His followers—He chose, for good reason, to call them “disciples.” What was it, about “disciple,” that most appealed to Him? It should be obvious that the word and term “disciple” is most related to the attribute Jesus expected of Christians, being disciplined; disciple and discipline are interrelated “sister” words – one describing the person with the second recounting a key attribute of this person. Unfortunately, we have become so accustomed to hearing “disciple” used, without any associated reference to any underlying and special disciplines, that we can easily overlook or forget what Jesus means by, and how He defines, a disciple.

Disciplines, in any meaningful life endeavor, are the “bricks and mortar” necessary to make goals more than dreams, to make them real. Disciplines are the bridge from where we are to where we want to be.

Thus, it is important that we understand that Christian disciplines are not something we do for God but what God does for and through us to our benefit. True Christian disciplines are our friends, to be found and seized, not avoided, as enemies, at all costs!

In this short book we review how Ten Great Disciplines of Christian Disciples are both helpful and indispensable in our adventure of growing in God’s grace.