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And All These Things...

...Practical Christian Financial Counsel

In most churches, when money is spoken about (which is seldom), one would think the essence and focal point of God’s view and discussion about money is His plea that we give more and more and more to the church! Generally people would be flabbergasted to find, not only is our giving to the church NOT the essence, when it is made the focus of financial discussion it is a distortion and perversion of what God says in the Bible!

People, because of Biblical ignorance, also usually expect that the Bible has little practical to say about anything, especially money; it was written thousands of years ago (when people were less sophisticated) and everyone knows the Bible is just a book of morals, philosophy and theories! Wrong again! There is no book (or library of books) that offers as comprehensive and practical instruction (advice and information) on finances as the Bible; ALL that the “common” person needs to take care of their day-to-day financial challenges until they die and money loses all value. And what it says will surprise you - it is indeed Good News, offering freedom from financial burdens and worries!

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Galatians 5:1

This freedom is “sitting” in the Bible waiting to be discovered and applied with faith so that money takes its right place in our lives, as a slave rather than master! Hopefully, And All These Will Be Given to You . . . Practical Christian Financial Counsel is a helpful outline of these Good News principles.